Winter sports

Winter sports

Requirements for winter sports clothing

Cold weather, rain, snow or wind should not interfere with regular sports training and active pastime. Special equipment will allow to cope with all the inconveniences of cold time of year, will protect you from negative external factors that will maintain health and allow you to get maximum enjoyment and benefit from physical activity.

Of course, winter sports clothing is the basis of sports clothes for the cold time: without warm pants, jackets, vests in the winter of training is not enough. And we offer to your attention a great range of these basic elements of winter sports clothing from well-known manufacturers – Italian brand Lotto, American brand The North Face and the Swedish company 2117. Continue reading

Women’s sports clothes.

The sport has become ingrained in the lives of people today and has become an integral part. Someone visits a gym and fitness clubs to ensure that under conditions of constant bustle and snacking on the go to stay in trim shape. Someone goes in for sports professionally, devoting all his spare time. In the last few years, a healthy lifestyle has become fashionable youth movement – prestigious became not to use drugs in the clubs, and to eat properly, train and care for your body. Of course, could not this trend is not reflected on the fact that sports clothing also started to mutate. Continue reading

Fashion is not just for women


But also for men. What we know about it? In Egypt, for example, men wore an apron shenti, attached belt at the waist. Rich in wore wigs, the length of his hair showed how illustrious owner.

Always there was his fashion style. The Greeks and Romans were tapiovaris, and the length of a tunic or toga pointed to the degree of maturity. In Byzantium demanded that all parts of the body were hidden from prying eyes.

In the period of Renaissance in men’s fashion was a bright suit – coat with redstavlennye sleeves and rich fur trim on the chest and shoulders, narrow colorful pants and beanies. Clothes for young men. More Mature and intellectuals wore a Capeto toe and tight bodysuits. Continue reading

Summer dresses


All of us delivers a great desire to bask under the sun, walk in the summer weather, and especially to feel comfortable on a hot Sunny day. Shop summer dresses are available in a huge range, both for leisure and for work. Wearlove.ru offers you collection of the dresses of the most relevant news of the summer season, you will be able to choose the dress for easy summer date, pretty summer dresses for special occasions, when it is so important to look your most effectively. Every girl knows that the summer dress can not only bring joy and airy mood in the warm weather, but can be a real secret weapon for winning men’s hearts! If you wantto buy fashionable, high quality dress and good to save money, our online store offers to see the catalog which presents mostly inexpensive summer dresses from popular European manufacturers, in whose style, quality and originality on top! Continue reading

Plus size clothing

The quality of life of many people has improved significantly: private houses, cars, holidays abroad – all these things are not necessities can afford more and more people. In “consumer” basket modern man is not the last place began to take exercise, because quality of life is not only possible to surround your life with ease and comfort, but also, first and foremost, and pure physical ability to enjoy all imaginable and unimaginable things that are only capable of Your income. It is, of course, about health and about Your wellbeing. And that investment, the value and importance of which cannot be underestimated.

Ice-fitness (Ice-fitness) – figure skating for adults. Get introduced to figure skating in adulthood,if only allowed physical condition. The positive aspects are apparent: involves all muscles of the body, produces the correct posture, develops rhythm and expressiveness of movements. By the way, an hour of riding burned 400 calories, which means that it is also effective for weight loss. Continue reading

Branded phones

Phones and smartphone brands in China have increasingly come to the attention of the modern consumer. Someone thinks they are not high-quality devices, worthless spent funds, while others put them in line with well-known brands such as Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, HTC, etc. But who is actually right?

Chinese manufacturers have been able to provide the high-quality that can give odds expensive eminent competitors.

Oddly enough, lately gadgets production of China are not already on one level with the best brands that have long held a monopoly on the market of mobile technology . They gather lots of advantages, including high performance, stylish original design,practicality of use and it’s all at a price you can’t afford other manufacturers. Continue reading

Fashion cheap dresses

There is nothing surprising in the desire of women to buy fashion cheap dresses on a regular basis, they really indispensable. This component of the wardrobe with the woman all her life!

Fashion last decades pleases us with variety of styles, rich color and the lack of strict standards in length and trim. In models of dresses such stylistic freedom manifests itself in the first place. The fairer sex is so feminine kind of service like no wonder: named group of outfits enables them to take full advantage of the combination of special comfort to wear and integrity impression of a thing truly universal.

There is nothing surprising in the desire of women to buy fashion cheap dresses on a regularbasis, they really indispensable. This component of the wardrobe accompanied by a teenage girl-girl-lady life as the gender element of the service, highlighting the gender delicate, fragile and beautiful. Moreover, demand from any beauties are several models of such series. Continue reading

Summer fashion 2009 for women of the third age

If you’re over 40, apparel, fine looking young and dystrophic the models may not apply to you. However, not only young women can look impressive and fashionable.

Femininity and elegance is now at its peak, and then fitted styling and a slim silhouette. Again in fashion is asymmetry.

Fashionable bags, clutches, diverse straps, large sunglasses, watches, bracelets and other jewelry will bring diversity to your summer wardrobe.

Universal color of summer – white. It is comfortable, not hot, and it effectively constrastive with tanned skin, refreshes and makes you look younger.

The perfect summer outfit for a special occasionlong dress or cocktail dress is made of chiffon.One of the most fashionable styles of this season was “layered dress”. It is made of matte silk. All series of horizontal layers(folds) fabric make the dress an unusual and very eye-catching. Continue reading

Fashion skirts 2012

Long skirts were considered a symbol of femininity and sexuality, attracted the attention of the male. This piece of clothing from year to year inspires fashion designers to create new seasonal collections. By the way, the current 2012 year can be considered the year of the skirts, which are represented by the designers at the very best catwalks of the world.

What styles of skirts are today the most stylish? Tight mini skirt with appliques especially important in the hot summer. But in autumn these trends do not lose their positions. With a-line skirts and properly selected for her stylish tights that wide range is the shop tights. you can create a unique image.

Skirts 2012 surprised by the varietyof fabrics, rich textures, rich colours and, at the same time, preference is given to classic styles. Colorful fabrics and bold use of colors can be reasonably combined with the style of the 20-ies. Standard skirt black gave way to a playful leather skirts jaunty, purple, turquoise, orange tones. Continue reading

Knitted dresses

Trendy knitted matter are very popular among designers and modern manufacturers. Embodying an amazing author’s ideas, seasonal collections, supplemented by Jersey dresses to the delight of consumers. As a result, excellent knitted dresses become your favorite everyday outfits and perfectly decorated with the images. You just have to decide on the model and buy a knitted dress, which perfectly accentuate femininity and individuality.

New trends – knitted dresses 2015 (Ukraine).

Today it is not difficult to buy knitted dress different design, tight, polurethane and loose silhouettes democratic emphasize basic closet. Over the years, Ukrainian producers learned to sew not only stylish, but also high-quality women’sclothing. Professional tailoring, luxurious fabrics, intricate instances styles, now available in Ukraine. Some of “our” things even surpass the import options, artfully transforming fans up-to-date directions. Continue reading

Even in ancient times, when clothes perform only the function of protecting the person from the cold and bad weather, in the female heart was born the first notes of a commitment to elegance, beauty and perfection. This was shown in an unconscious then the attraction of primitive women to complement its way different items and original decorations. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what emerged first speck in the infinite space that defines fashion and style .
st_4958_4b[1]Among the main trends autumn-winter season on the catwalks were found: faux fur, plaid print. pastel and dark shades, the combination of different colors and materials... But first things first. So, the most urgent coat this winter. Spotless white coat, in particular, seen in the Celine collection. challenges the traditionally black winter clothes. Select the model with the simple cut and wear it with other white things, or use to animate too dark outfit.
Leather jacket is practical and warm clothes. Fashion to wear a leather jacket appeared only recently and came to us from America. Leather jackets were made for American pilots, because the skin is well protected from wind and cold. Subsequently, due to its practicality, jackets were worn and civil. First leather jacket was envisaged only as a purely male clothing, but recently they have become very popular in the women's locker room. In any case, leather jackets Nikolaev perceives normal, and often with admiration