Stretch marks: causes and ways to prevent

Causes of stretch marks

In most cases, stretch marks appear due to hormonal imbalance in the body. Disruption can be drastic physical changes. For example, during adolescence, when a girl becomes a woman.

This period of rapid change, the ovaries and adrenal glands, trying to “keep up” with the body, begin to produce hormones twice more than usual. Another reason for the increased level of hormones can be pregnancy.

The woman’s hormonal cycle changes, it changes the structure of the skin, the shape of the abdomen, thighs, Breasts.

It is known that collagen and elastin, substances which our skin always looks beautiful and healthy. They contribute to its elasticity, slow aging process, improve skin elasticity.

If there are violations of synthesis of these substances, the skin becomes vulnerable and easy-to-injure. During pregnancy the growth of the abdomen helps stretch not only the muscles and fascia of the anterior abdominal wall and skin.

She just doesn’t have time to change, which can appear problematic. The stretch marks on the skin are also people who intensively gain weight.

Pregnancy and stretch marks

When a woman is preparing to become a mother, it is natural that the Breasts increase. Because a child’s life depends on nutrition. But because of hormonal disorders skin in some places, namely, in the chest, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, thin. There stretching of the skin, which is quite natural in such a situation, another question is unaesthetic appearance.

Disease as a cause of stretch marks

Anxiety should cause stretch marks that appear not because of the hormonal changes in the body. The reason may be the disease, such as Cushing’s syndrome, during which disrupted the adrenal glands.

Increased allocation of their hormones may indicate a tumor. Also, with the appearance of stretch marks related disorders of the endocrine system. In such situations, it is best to consult a doctor.

As the body fights stretch marks

Our body is so constituted that in certain situations he can deal with the problem himself. Stretch marks no exception intradermal break them quickly eliminated through the connective tissue. which is full of blood vessels.

Therefore, the first line of stretch marks pink color, but after some time they become whitish. Because connective tissue has no pigment, the resulting scar on a woman’s body is never covered by tan and cannot be shaded creams.

A few rules to combat stretch marks

What better to prevent stretch marks or to try to get rid of the existing ones? Most will agree that prevention is better: why bring the situation to the extreme?

There are a few rules that will help protect the skin from stretch marks.

1. Watch your weight

Due to the sharp increase and decrease of body weight, the skin is injured and there is a risk of the appearance of stretch marks.

2. Adjust your diet

Your daily diet in the first place should be vegetables and fruits supply the body with carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. You also cannot forget about the proteins required for the synthesis of collagen and elastin. But on the sweets and starchy foods food is better not to remember or eat them in small quantities.

3. Physical activity

Select a sport direction and not be lazy. For example, stretching is an exercise to stretch the muscles. Start small and gradually increase the load. The best option is to do under the guidance of a coach.

9 months – no problem

Even a pregnant woman can protect yourself from stretch marks. To the above rules, you can add the application of the bandage. Correctly to pick up a bandage will help you gynecologist. The band exists prenatal and postnatal.

It not only reduces the load on the spine of the woman, but also helps to maintain the correct form of the abdomen, does not allow him to SAG. You also need to use moisturizers and special ointments.

Some doctors advise the woman before going to sleep to hydrate the skin in problem areas in the abdomen, thighs and chest, using vegetable or olive oil.

Stretch marks on Breasts

The Breasts are also prone to stretch marks. At childbirth, a woman’s Breasts begin to rapidly increase in size on the second day. So the skin is not affected, find a comfortable bra made from natural materials.

Don’t forget about the water treatment. Try every day to wash the Breasts with water at room temperature, after which well wipe her special Terry mitten or a rough towel.

A good result has a massage. For these purposes there are different types of massagers. The listed set of procedures is the prevention not only of stretch marks and cellulite.

Cosmetics against stretch marks

Cosmetics will complete care for your skin. Today on sale are a special cream, rich in nourishing, moisturizing substances, as well as elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid and silicone.

Creating a protective film on the surface of the skin, cosmetics block fluid loss and provide the skin elasticity.

The most effective cream against stretch marks made from natural substances and rich in collagen and elastin. They are not cheap, but the result of their application visible.

To date, such products are produced by Vichy (Vergetures), Biotherm (Biovergetures), Galenic (Specific Vergetures), Lierac (Photolastil) Gernetic, Phytomer (Pre Vergetures) and other

Always remember – it is better to prevent stretch marks, as existing very difficult to treat. As if engaged in their treatment, use all of the tools and methods.

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