How to draw fashion dress.

How to draw a beautiful dress in stages – the topic of our today’s article. How to choose a dress . so it is not only pleasing to your eyes, and also ideally suited to you according to your figure?

On initial glance, the selection of dresses vizitsa a fairly easy task, however, ultimately is absolutely not the case. Especially hard to find a dress specially for those girls and women who prefer to go in jeans or trousers.

In this month’s article, we will tell you tips for selection of stylish dresses, and thus every Hiking in the shops you will find fun and interesting pastime.

So what is how to draw a beautifuldress in stages?

What are the different kinds of dresses?

There are cocktail dresses, universalnie, night and day. Therefore, first we need to decide which case it is selected.

A versatile dress . as its name suggests, perfect for any occasion. It can be worn at work, and at night. This dress is supposed to focus on the advantages of your figure and hide the negatives. It does not need to wear often.

Everyday dress . unlike universal fit and constant wear. These dresses are not in any case should not include a hint of elegance, that is the dress needs to be constantly in a simple style without the participation of glitter and other decorations.

Cocktail dress is chosen specifically for special occasions. It should not be too intricate and overly embellished. The essence of cocktail dresses in its elegance and sophistication. The length of cocktail dresses to choose based on your age and your figrue.

Evening dress is different from others because it has the extraordinary styles and a variety of fabrics. This evening dress can be made of chiffon, brocade, velvet and other materials. At present, the most popular evening dresses are lace dresses. These dresses are ideal for special occasions and holidays.

Now let us consider what are the styles of dresses. There are many styles of dresses that are replenished with each new year. There are classic types of dresses that remain fashionable and up to date from year to year.

One of those styles is considered sheath dress. This dress creates a truly elegant ladies. She was immediately in love with clerical workers, because the sheath dress is perfect under labour outfit. Serious and stylish, it will remain a classic for a long time.

Sarigianis style is a wrap dress. Made in the style Safari it will be useful for walking on the street. Multi-colored colouring dresses-the gown will make his choice home service.

Dress shirt is unique because it can be worn as a special thing of the wardrobe, and even with jeans or leggings. And really thanks to this dress-shirt has become a favorite option for girls for all kinds of figures. Loose fitting gives the ability to hide the defects of shape and form elegant, fashionable way.

Dress in taste natural, enhanced or diminished by the waist, fit different shapes of girls and women. Increased or diminished waistline give the ability to hide the fatness or, on the contrary, excess bone shapes and visually creates the exact ratio of the proportions of the figure itself.

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Even in ancient times, when clothes perform only the function of protecting the person from the cold and bad weather, in the female heart was born the first notes of a commitment to elegance, beauty and perfection. This was shown in an unconscious then the attraction of primitive women to complement its way different items and original decorations. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what emerged first speck in the infinite space that defines fashion and style .
st_4958_4b[1]Among the main trends autumn-winter season on the catwalks were found: faux fur, plaid print. pastel and dark shades, the combination of different colors and materials... But first things first. So, the most urgent coat this winter. Spotless white coat, in particular, seen in the Celine collection. challenges the traditionally black winter clothes. Select the model with the simple cut and wear it with other white things, or use to animate too dark outfit.
Leather jacket is practical and warm clothes. Fashion to wear a leather jacket appeared only recently and came to us from America. Leather jackets were made for American pilots, because the skin is well protected from wind and cold. Subsequently, due to its practicality, jackets were worn and civil. First leather jacket was envisaged only as a purely male clothing, but recently they have become very popular in the women's locker room. In any case, leather jackets Nikolaev perceives normal, and often with admiration