French style in menswear

scabal_1[1]French style in menswear – it is elegant, fashionable and quality clothing, very comfortable and easy. The French understand things and buy their clothes only the highest quality, which can only afford. French style in menswear is not to buy as many things, but in order to purchase the right of the best. Fashion for residents of France as food. They don’t go into a huge hypermarkets and do not burden baskets full of a huge number of products. They buy fresh ingredients and carry them home, for them, the less the clarity. French fashion basically consists of having to wear elegant things in the classical manner.

There is a special Parisian design created from curlicues and flourishes, which makes each item special and exclusive,but not a template. What gives the French style in men’s clothes so chic with this classical nature of the parts? The right selection and combination of things. Beautiful coat, the French can wear normal jeans and a simple t-shirt that would show elegance, appropriate in almost all cases. If in France the people are sneakers, it is inspiration from the physical practice, rather than the need for a gym. Not necessarily to live in France and be a Frenchman to be fashionably dressed in the French style.

Just enough to absorb all the necessary nuances. This style of clothing is not to design things, but the ability to wear them together more harmoniously. You should try to keep a balance between simplicity and luxury, elegance and exclusivity, and most importantly, be confident and remember that of all the delights of the original individual. This year in the French style in men’s clothing, new and very fresh trends.

In France, various fashion designers consider men’s fashion from different angles. For many seasons style men changed from metrosexual to retrosexuals. Its main quality – full confidence, as in the male. His masculinity persistent and attractive, but, nevertheless, does not make him a macho. In this case, the prefix “retro” means the ability to be faithful to the longstanding human values, to be versatile and to always look fashionable and modern.

The image appearing in the current French fashion – a young man who loves to travel and prefer gourmet delights. By his nature he is a man who prefers Gothic style, romantic and a bit cynical. Many of the subjects of the male wardrobe, such as outerwear, trench coats and elegant coat, remain relevant regardless of fleeting fashion trends. A little experimenting with different styles, designers this year have returned to the eternal unchanging classics. Mens coats this season are characterized by restraint of style and colour.

To change the color and original cuts, came the classic elements. Also this season the designers paid much attention to the creation of fashionable jackets, not inferior in elegance and beauty fashion coat. For the first time the designers claim that jacket, fashion in the current year is perfect for pants and jeans, although previously it was thought that the combination of these garments – a crime against fashion. The most popular fabric this season – wool, essential for chilly autumn weather. For colors characteristic of classic colors. This black, beige, brown and shades of dark blue and grey colors.

Even in ancient times, when clothes perform only the function of protecting the person from the cold and bad weather, in the female heart was born the first notes of a commitment to elegance, beauty and perfection. This was shown in an unconscious then the attraction of primitive women to complement its way different items and original decorations. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what emerged first speck in the infinite space that defines fashion and style .
st_4958_4b[1]Among the main trends autumn-winter season on the catwalks were found: faux fur, plaid print. pastel and dark shades, the combination of different colors and materials... But first things first. So, the most urgent coat this winter. Spotless white coat, in particular, seen in the Celine collection. challenges the traditionally black winter clothes. Select the model with the simple cut and wear it with other white things, or use to animate too dark outfit.
Leather jacket is practical and warm clothes. Fashion to wear a leather jacket appeared only recently and came to us from America. Leather jackets were made for American pilots, because the skin is well protected from wind and cold. Subsequently, due to its practicality, jackets were worn and civil. First leather jacket was envisaged only as a purely male clothing, but recently they have become very popular in the women's locker room. In any case, leather jackets Nikolaev perceives normal, and often with admiration