Knitted dresses

Trendy knitted matter are very popular among designers and modern manufacturers. Embodying an amazing author’s ideas, seasonal collections, supplemented by Jersey dresses to the delight of consumers. As a result, excellent knitted dresses become your favorite everyday outfits and perfectly decorated with the images. You just have to decide on the model and buy a knitted dress, which perfectly accentuate femininity and individuality.

New trends – knitted dresses 2015 (Ukraine).

Today it is not difficult to buy knitted dress different design, tight, polurethane and loose silhouettes democratic emphasize basic closet. Over the years, Ukrainian producers learned to sew not only stylish, but also high-quality women’sclothing. Professional tailoring, luxurious fabrics, intricate instances styles, now available in Ukraine. Some of “our” things even surpass the import options, artfully transforming fans up-to-date directions.

The refined atmosphere of originality accompanies knitted dresses 2015. In the new season outfits became more colorful, concise, not forgetting the classics and exceptional retro art. Ukrainian folk embroidery, decorated with elements of tailoring, draping – represent femininity in everyday and romantic style. Knitted dresses are so versatile that amazing approach to create the most inventive style business, which often accounted for restraint and harmony. But even the most strict dress code needs to be original. In our online shop Moda Style, you can buy knitted dress to your taste!

Knitted dresses can be made:

1. The actual knitted fabrics composed of natural fibers remarkably breathable, absorbs moisture and is considered the most durable.

2. Synthetic is extremely common, which includes polyester + acrylic. He tolerates automatic and manual washing, and not wrinkled and does not fade. The maximum disadvantage of this variant is that the synthetic material is breathable and is not designed for hot weather.

3. Mixed – connects artificial and natural fibers, continuously used due to the cheapness.

4. Viscose fabric has front and back sides. It is very pleasant to the touch, runs perfectly, does not accumulate static electricity, and full of colorful shades. Used for sewing light Jersey dresses and forms a graceful pleats on the skirt.

Luxury knitted dress – concept, need and the Foundation of a woman’s wardrobe, it is appropriate in all circumstances!

Even in ancient times, when clothes perform only the function of protecting the person from the cold and bad weather, in the female heart was born the first notes of a commitment to elegance, beauty and perfection. This was shown in an unconscious then the attraction of primitive women to complement its way different items and original decorations. Who knows, maybe that is exactly what emerged first speck in the infinite space that defines fashion and style .
st_4958_4b[1]Among the main trends autumn-winter season on the catwalks were found: faux fur, plaid print. pastel and dark shades, the combination of different colors and materials... But first things first. So, the most urgent coat this winter. Spotless white coat, in particular, seen in the Celine collection. challenges the traditionally black winter clothes. Select the model with the simple cut and wear it with other white things, or use to animate too dark outfit.
Leather jacket is practical and warm clothes. Fashion to wear a leather jacket appeared only recently and came to us from America. Leather jackets were made for American pilots, because the skin is well protected from wind and cold. Subsequently, due to its practicality, jackets were worn and civil. First leather jacket was envisaged only as a purely male clothing, but recently they have become very popular in the women's locker room. In any case, leather jackets Nikolaev perceives normal, and often with admiration